Tattooed Pharisees…

So I’ve never shared links to other articles on my blog before. But since I’ve been on an extended break from social media I decided to share it with all of you here. 🙂

This article puts into words so many things I wanted to say and write down but just never could get out right.

“Yes, legalism still exists in those “right-wing” places the modern church has “progressed” beyond. But it also exists in skinny jeans and a Hebrew tattoo. It hides behind your Bethel Music and your electric guitar. It fills conversations with judgment and gracelessness, adding man’s requirements to a gospel of freedom – a freedom that includes both suits and skinny jeans.”

“Like tattoos were in yesteryear, the “telltale signs” of legalism draw a collective murmur from the modern church: long skirts, head coverings, the King James Version. And yet in condemning the people who practice these things, we do the very thing we claim to hate: judge by appearance. The truth? A head covering does not equal legalism. A long skirt, a suit, a KJV sermon – the Spirit of God can motivate such decisions with as much authenticity as the Anthropologie-clad girl on her YWAM mission.  In confining God’s work to the limitations of an ideology, we don’t beat legalism – we become it.”

Below is the link to the entire article. I highly recommend reading it, it’s definitely worth your time and thought. 🙂



~Joanna W.


One response

  1. Both are good reads.

    Since comments are open, I’ll cast my thoughts into the pot.

    In my own walk with Christ, these last several years, I have come to this: help when I see help is needed. Unless God builds the house, my help/labor is in vain. The most we can do is ask God to use us, and trust him for the outcome. Help when people are lovely. Help when people are indifferent. Help when people are unthankful, unkind and down right ugly. It’s easy to write, harder to live.

    I also think that legalism is often falsely so called in the day we live in. In the life I lived before Christ, I lived and wallowed on the broad road to destruction. Life experience coupled with righteous judgement give me a keen sense when I see someone flirting on the broad road to destruction. It is not legalism to to warn of the impeding destruction, its love. Often, I hear it called legalism. I’m not referring to appearance, I am referring to blatant departure from God’s word.

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