Tattooed Pharisees…

So I’ve never shared links to other articles on my blog before. But since I’ve been on an extended break from social media I decided to share it with all of you here. 🙂

This article puts into words so many things I wanted to say and write down but just never could get out right.

“Yes, legalism still exists in those “right-wing” places the modern church has “progressed” beyond. But it also exists in skinny jeans and a Hebrew tattoo. It hides behind your Bethel Music and your electric guitar. It fills conversations with judgment and gracelessness, adding man’s requirements to a gospel of freedom – a freedom that includes both suits and skinny jeans.”

“Like tattoos were in yesteryear, the “telltale signs” of legalism draw a collective murmur from the modern church: long skirts, head coverings, the King James Version. And yet in condemning the people who practice these things, we do the very thing we claim to hate: judge by appearance. The truth? A head covering does not equal legalism. A long skirt, a suit, a KJV sermon – the Spirit of God can motivate such decisions with as much authenticity as the Anthropologie-clad girl on her YWAM mission.  In confining God’s work to the limitations of an ideology, we don’t beat legalism – we become it.”

Below is the link to the entire article. I highly recommend reading it, it’s definitely worth your time and thought. 🙂



~Joanna W.