Musings on a Mundane Sentence


“This morning my husband left for work.” That seems like the most normal sentence ever to come out of a ladies mouth. Some say it sounding frustrated and are annoyed how much their husband works. Some say it sadly wishing they couldn’t spend more time with their husband. Some say it gratefully glad they have a hard working husband to provide even though they miss them.  And a few say it happily because they are glad he’s gone for the day and won’t bother them.

  It’s funny how the exact same thing can mean totally different things to different people.
This morning I said goodbye to my husband as he headed off to work with a very grateful heart! No, just so you know I wasn’t happy/grateful that he was getting out of my hair because I don’t like him around, I love having him around every bit possible! I was grateful because it was like a step to coming out of a seemingly long journey God had us on. A journey that has taught me so much and is still teaching me!
 It seems that sometimes it takes the absence of something to give you a proper view and appreciation for it. Caleb has always been a super hard worker and loved to work hard. As long as I’ve known him he’s always had work coming out his ears and always working long days etc. I used to sometimes get annoyed that he had to work so much and have such long days, and thought about the sad day after we got married that he’d have to go back to work. Well today I was instead happy. It wasn’t his first day to go to work since we got married, but his first day in a long few weeks. Between breaking his heel before we got married and after we got married getting mono along with many other things, he’s been able to work 3 weeks out of the last 5 1/2 months or 15 days out of the last 165.
 Today I’m grateful to God for being so very faithful to us,  for teaching us so much through all of this,  and for the fact that my husband went to work this morning! 🙂 
~Joanna W.