Love Until It Hurts

Since my life has been calming down in the last few weeks and not so insanely busy I’ve been hoping to get back to my long forsaken blog. It’s going to take a long post to catch you up on almost a year of my life. I’ve written multiple drafts but they only get half done and then I decide it’s not right. So maybe one of these days I’ll write down my catch up post, but until then I decided to break the silence and start posting again. Just a hint, on February 20th, 2016 I got a new last name! 🙂

This morning I was scrolling through Instagram looking at random pictures of cute babies, friends hanging out together, spring flowers and all the normal Instagram pictures. As I scrolled, I came across a quote.  Naturally the quote loving person I am, I stopped to read it. I’m not even friends with the girl who posted it. I met her one time at an event and I’m not sure why I followed her, she normally just posts pictures of her and people I don’t know, but this post of hers caught my attention.


“Good Friday… Reminds us that the good is often painful; That God’s will for our lives demands that we love until it hurts.”  ~Unknown.


I paused and read it again letting it sink it. And I’ve been reading it every few minutes all morning. It’s so very true and powerful.

 When we think of good we often think of something happy and easy. We don’t often think of pain when we think of good. But good and pain almost always go hand in hand. We often are scared of pain and try to avoid it at all costs. But it’s the pain that often shapes and molds our character. It’s pain that squeezes us, and what’s really inside comes out. I have come to think that pain is the most powerful tool God uses to build our character and make us Christlike.  I heard it once said the best person to minister to someone in great pain is someone who has experienced great pain. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that almost every single one, if not all of the great hymn writers, missionaries etc. experienced some very deep pain and sorrow in theirs lives. And God used that pain to make something beautiful out of their lives, no their lives weren’t easy, but they were beautiful.  God uses pain to give us a compassion, a understanding, and a love for people that we could not otherwise have had.

Jesus came down from a perfect heaven to live as a man. To experience what we experience, to feel pain, to be tempted, to be tried, to live life in this very broken world. He experienced the most extreme pain anyone could and he was tempted like none of us have ever been tempted before. He knows our pain, He knows our sorrows, and He knows our temptations. He did it all not because we deserved it, but because of his incredible love for us.

I love the second part of the quote too – “God’s will for our lives demands that we love until it hurts.”  So often we don’t fully love people to the potential we could because we’re afraid we’ll get hurt. And I’ll say it right now, if you love anyone or anything, you will experience pain. And you will never not experience pain until we no longer live in a sin broken world. But is pain really something we should avoid at all costs, is it really the thing we should dread most in life?  True unconditional love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, suffers long and is kind. Every single Christian is commanded to love, without conditions, without selfish little clauses to save themselves from pain or rejection. The most powerful thing we can ever do is to love someone unconditionally with the love of Christ! To serve someone, be patient, be kind, even when they’re causing us pain, even when it hurts really bad.

To think, God has commanded us to love people unconditionally. Yes, even the mean ones, the ones that lie about the people we love, the ones that are rude to us, the ones that always look out for themselves, and the ones who hurt us the deepest. But in our own strength it’s impossible for us to love people like that in our own flesh. It’s impossible for us to truly unconditionally love our enemies or those who hurt us like Christ told us too. But He can give us the power to love unconditionally and let His unconditional love flow through us!

True, Christlike, unconditional love is bold, unconditional love is brave, unconditional love stands courageous and un-moving like a rock in the middle of a hurricane and will not budge no matter how much pain the one being loved throws back at the one loving.  Love is not fuzzy feelings and heart flutters, love is bold, love is fierce and love is brave when everything else backs down and runs for safety from pain, love doesn’t! Unconditional love never stops giving and unconditional love never ends.

“Good Friday… Reminds us that the good is often painful; That God’s will for our lives demands that we love until it hurts.”  ~Unknown.


May we ask Christ to give us that kind of Christlike unconditional love.


~Joanna W.