I’ve drifted so far from where I once was.

Your voice used to be so loud and so clear

We walked in such closeness I could feel you so near

I thought nothing ever would draw us apart

I loved to sit in your stillness just listening

Your presence would calm me from all of my fears

You started to become more real than myself

Our enemy could take is no longer so back to his work

He couldn’t get me discourage so he got me distracted

It was so small, totally unnoticeable at first on arrival

When I realized I was already so trapped

So tied down to distractions and so far away

I cried many tear over again and again

I asked for forgiveness but I was still far

Your voice had grown so hushed and so stilled

But how can we be close now with me so distracted

I began to cut away that the ropes that pulled me far

They seemed never ending so hard to cut through

We’ve lost what we once had with me so away

I’m tired and weary of fighting these ropes

I’m desperately trying to hear the faint whisper

I’m losing my grip trying to come back to you

So cut through these distractions these ropes

Take my distracted heart and make it moldable again

I want to feel your heartbeat again in the closeness

I want my heart to be broken over what breaks your

Please bring me back again closer than I used to be

I fall humbly at your feet in brokenness again

Let me hear your voice speak loudly once again

Let me feel your presence again so real and so near

I want to be close to you more than anything else



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