I’ve drifted so far from where I once was.

Your voice used to be so loud and so clear

We walked in such closeness I could feel you so near

I thought nothing ever would draw us apart

I loved to sit in your stillness just listening

Your presence would calm me from all of my fears

You started to become more real than myself

Our enemy could take is no longer so back to his work

He couldn’t get me discourage so he got me distracted

It was so small, totally unnoticeable at first on arrival

When I realized I was already so trapped

So tied down to distractions and so far away

I cried many tear over again and again

I asked for forgiveness but I was still far

Your voice had grown so hushed and so stilled

But how can we be close now with me so distracted

I began to cut away that the ropes that pulled me far

They seemed never ending so hard to cut through

We’ve lost what we once had with me so away

I’m tired and weary of fighting these ropes

I’m desperately trying to hear the faint whisper

I’m losing my grip trying to come back to you

So cut through these distractions these ropes

Take my distracted heart and make it moldable again

I want to feel your heartbeat again in the closeness

I want my heart to be broken over what breaks your

Please bring me back again closer than I used to be

I fall humbly at your feet in brokenness again

Let me hear your voice speak loudly once again

Let me feel your presence again so real and so near

I want to be close to you more than anything else



Everyone Is Talking, No one is Listening!


Around a table meant to seat 7 people, we squished 9, discussing a topic everyone had a strong opinion on – multiple people stating theirs at the same time. It’s nothing new to me since I grew up in a house with a dozen people and we often had very loud and busy conversations. I opened my mouth to release my paragraphed sized opinion on the matter when I stopped myself and firmly closed my half open mouth. I suddenly realized that everyone was talking but no one is listening.
 “Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak,   
~ James 1:19
We all desperately long to feel our voice is heard, we all crave to know that someone understands our heart. Even as children we long for someone to value our ideas enough to take the time and listen. Maybe we talk their ear off about the dream tree house we want to build someday, the spy equipment we are going to invent someday, or the rocket that will drop us wherever we want to go that day. But once again, everyone is talking, but seemingly no one is listening.  Maybe we have forgotten how to listen, how to truly hear someone else’s heart. Maybe we are so self focused that all we want is for our opinion to be heard/followed.
“He that hath an ear, let him hear.”
~Matthew 11:5
Countless times in the Bible, Jesus says “Hear O Isreal” or “Hearken unto me”. Do you think that when God had phrases like that written over and over again it was because He knew our selfish sinful hearts would always long for everything to be about us, so he put warnings in the Bible to take heed and listen?
There are billions of hurting people, longing for someone to hear their heart, to listen to their pain, their hopes, their dreams! For some people, maybe they have never had the privilege of someone truly listening – not just listening and waiting for their chance to get to talk, but someone who hears every word they say, and hold it, carefully reflecting on the words of their heart and treasuring it as something special, something to be protected, and not to be dropped easily and trampled on.
“Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue keepeth his soul from troubles.”  ~Proverbs 21:23
Don’t get me wrong in thinking I believe we should all sit around quietly never talking so we can all listen. I’m a very outgoing person, and love to talk to people, and if you’re a fellow extravert – don’t get me wrong – I think talkative people are totally awesome, but introverted or extraverted, we need to look for chances where we can listen to someone’s heart. In our conversations we need to be thinking about the other person, and not just about what we want to say or what our needs are.
The conversations at the jam packed table continued, and I purposed to truly listen to each person and their thoughts. It amazed me how, in truly listening to each person’s thoughts and opinions, I could learn so much about that person, what they thought about things, what was meaningful to them, and what was unique about each of them.
Will you join me this summer in begging God to give us His listening ear? Will you join me in asking Him to make us outward focused rather than inward focused, to make our churches filled with ears ready to listen to peoples hearts, and be kind people instead of selfish people longing to have our own opinions exalted and never truly listening. Let us ask the greatest Listener there ever has been and ever will be to make us more like Himself everyday.